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Hello, and Welcome to the Sketch Journal!

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February 29, 2024

Hello, hola, bonjour, kon’nichiwa! 

Since I am new to the blogging scene, I wanted like to give a formal (or informal, maybe *shrugs*) intro. I also want to give a “how-do-ya-do?” to you, my lovely reader, who is actually taking your sweet, precious time out of your day to read my first entry. Thank you so much, my dear friend ❤

The purpose of this blog will be to serve as my “sketch journal.” This will be the place where I get to share updates on what’s happening within the studio, tips and tutorials of what I’ve learn that has helped me in my business and design work, helpful resources, even sprinkle in some storytelling, along with thoughts about the seasons of life as a web designer and artist. I can get nerdy with a bit of my dictional jargon (like now), just to let you know. All in the hopes of not just providing my services, but also provide some education you can read through at any time! *cue the Reading Rainbow theme*. So, let’s leap right into it and get to know me a just a TINY bit more.

Before we dive right into this, NEVER in my life, did I imagine I would be blogging! I am not a writer, by any means. (Thus, why I typically do not offer copywriting in all of my design services because my words DO fall short often). That’s why thang is art and design! Plus, a picture is worth a thousand words anyway. However, I am very excited to be using this part of my home as like a resource library, or resource gallery for all my artists reading. So…let’s get “write” into it! [pun completely unintended].

Hey, Hi, Hello! I’m Danielle, but please…call me Dani; just about everyone I know calls me Dani. I am the introverted face behind Modest Design Studio. Even though I started this Studio back in late 2023, although, I must say, I was dragging my feet for MONTHS! I mean, I was very anxious to start something new and on my own for a long time; I just simply felt incapable enough to do it. Despite that, signs and impressions led me to start this design studio, and now, here we are (thank You, Lord!)

Now keep in mind, talking about myself is always difficult for me, because I love to hearing other people’s stories. I’m not one to make anything about myself at all – I’ve been told to be a very modest gal. However, I would like to get personal in this first entry, so that you will get to know the modest gal behind the art. Hopefully my friend, I would get to learn more about you in return.

I was born in ’97, which I really don’t know if I am a so-called cusper or just older Gen Z, but chilllllld…I just know that I am old lol, from de Bronx of Nueva York. I guess I had a “not-so-typical” upbringing, which I believe that everyone’s upbringing is unique, so of course it would be like that. What I know is that I’ve held onto MANY of my childhood traits: being quiet, keeping things simple, chill and reserved (probably surprised that I am from NYC but…I am, yerrr). Growing up, because I was so to myself in my old bubble from any hot messes of life that happened, my siblings would stay that I just would be “chilling with a chapstick” (they were the ones to coin that phrase, so kudos to them).

However, when you get to know about me, I love being GOOFY, down to earth and, again, chill, with such a deep love for others, because everyone is my neighbor after all. I truly enjoy getting to meet new people, it’s just that my behavior when it comes down to actually doing that just doesn’t want to agree I guess.

Even though I’m from NYC, one winter break when I was about 17, my family and I went away to the Poconos here in mountainous Pennsylvania. From then on, I feel in love with the entire scenery of the high hills and lofty mountains. I wanted to live in Pennsylvania from that point on, which I actually forgot after I left college (THAT time was…a bit unmemorable lol). Interestingly enough, and as loving and thoughtful as the Lord in Heaven truly is, when I got married, my husband and I actually moved into the Pocono region nearly a decade later! It was one of those silent prayers that was answered down the line.

Art has been my outlet, my little “gift” or “talent” since I was a tiny little tike at age 2. From fashion to illustration, to anime to painting still life objects, art has always been what I’ve loved. On the other side of the coin, I adore being in nature, again, since I was in diapers. I would take long walks in the woods (no need for an Amber alert now)! Gardens are like my second home, so beautiful and just awe inducing. And I personally prefer lodge cabins with mountain views over staying on a beach resort (I’m just saying).

Can you tell springtime is my FAVORITE season? The temps, just like the baby bear’s porridge from Goldilocks, is just right. If you’re looking to visit a garden this spring, I highly recommend Wave Hill or the New York Botanical Garden. These are both in the Bronx.

When I am not working or designing, I have fun going thrift shopping. I love me a jolly good deal, and unique finds that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. I often take sometime to learn and try out new herbs (I’m an avid tea drinker and a health[y] nut) and plant-based recipes for my family and I to make. Speaking of plant-based foods, I am a big foodie, and I enjoy trying out new plant based/vegan recipes and restaurants! As a token of my appreciation for reading my first entry, here’s my ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE vegan restaurant, hands down. You got to tell me how you like their food if/when you go there to try it out.)

Along with my love for vegan cuisine, I love sewing! Got to give props to my late grandmommy for teaching me the basics – a simple needle in hand. Here’s a tip if you like to sew: thrift bedding to use as fabric, and save your coin. Besides that, I just enjoy chilling in my cozy home (the art of JOMOthe joy of missing out).

And lastly, but certainly not least, I love the Lord Jesus Christ. He’s my Rock and has held me down throughout my hills and valleys in life. I am married to a loving, lovable, and a goofy gobber of my husband. Lastly, I have a HUGE family (both in blood and spirit), whom I adore all with all my heart. I couldn’t be happier to have them all alive, well and happy in my life.

With all that being said, thank you for stopping by and reading my first entry in the Sketch Journal! I hope this helped you to get to know me, and will make you feel right and cozy at home. Like Olive Garden, when you’re here, you’re family lol. Please, let me know if you have ANY questions for me! You can leave me a comment below, or hit me up on the ‘Gram at @modestdesignstudio. You can also send me an email (if you are old school and professional, which is cool too!) Got no questions? Then say hi! Be sure to add your feedback as well about this entry. I would love to hear from you and meet you from across the interwebs. Whether you are a potential client or a visitor, I value your feedback.

If you would like to get updates to when I add new entries, go ahead and subscribe to my newsletter! In there, it’s not just going to be all about business. It’s my creative garden club, where can get to truly connect with you more. I hope to see you inside!.

Until next time, I look forward to see you again in my next entry! I pray that you will be blessed (because you are), be creative (because you’re here in my creative lil’ bubble), and be hydrated (because you need to drink water).

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Hello, and Welcome to the Sketch Journal!

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